will do ♡
chibi art
all genders (better at females)
ship arts (no illegal/gross ships)
self-ship arts
characters from shows or games
will not do ♡
nsfw // fetish arts
mecha art
detailed lineart
dsmp fanart
different artstyle // realism

⠀⠀Terms ♡ ⠀

◇ there are no refunds.
◇ the only payment method i accept is paypal/kofi
◇ do not claim my art as your own under any circumstances.
◇ i have the right to not accept any commission if the character is too detailed // not detailed enough or if i am not comfortable with it.
◇ i do not accept commissions for description-only characters.
◇ it may take me up to a month to complete your commission as i am currently a student and more detailed // oc artworks take longer for me to complete.
◇ i hold the rights to post your commissioned art on my social platforms and promote it as mine.
◇ please do not, and i repeat, do not sell my artwork as nfts.
◇ the art I create for clients cannot be use for you nor your partners for training on AI
◇ you may only ask for 2 MAJOR Revisions during the sketch, any big changes after the sketching stage wont be done. Small changes are ok as long as there aren't too many.
◇ once you have accepted to these, send me a 🐠
If you have another other questions about my boundaries and rules, feel free to contact me through the methods listed on the first menu.

Sketches ♡ ⠀

Headshot ♡$20
Bust-up ♡$30
Half-body ♡$40
Full-body ♡$50

Rendered Art ♡ ⠀

Headshot ♡$50
Bust-up ♡$60
Half-body ♡$70

Chibis ♡ ⠀

Beans ♡$20
Regular Chibi ♡$50
Emotes ♡1 for 5$

Details ♡

  • Extra details - +$10

  • Extra character - x2 of OG price

  • Background - $10

  • Plain backgrounds are free!

  • Commercial Use - Discuss

Portfolio ♡